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Jesus loved his friends!

Today’s Gospel from John 11 is one of my favorite and not just because Jesus raises Lazarus from the tomb. It has the smallest verse in the Bible some say. ‘And Jesus wept.’ Jesus had friends and cried at their loss. Even Jesus cried when he had the power to bring them back. That is love. To me, that is […]

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The Call for Revolution

How is your year going? Did you make a new year’s resolution? Now we are in Lent and trying to keep that resolution! Well, it’s not a political action…it’s more than that. Fr. Kubicki – Aspostleship for Prayer changed the monthly intentions to Evangelization (used to be Mission) because our mission is everywhere, even our own neighborhoods. Pope Francis says […]

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How will I know you?

Two questions have been running through my mind for two weeks now: How will I know others? How will they know me? I was called to federal district court jury duty this past week. I met a number of people from all different areas around Chicago. I had decided within the last couple weeks, to be more open to people […]

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