Sunday, March 17, 2019

Jesus takes his best friends, Peter, John and James, up the mountain to pray. Jesus face changed and his clothing became dazzling white. They saw 2 men appear next to him, Moses and Elijah, who spoke of how Jesus would ‘exit’ Jerusalem with his passion, death and resurrection. They also recall the ‘exodus’ from Egypt. Jesus leaving would free us, too, so we could enter the Promised Land. See www.usccb.org—Luke 9 (Footnotes for verses 28-36.)

Peter wants to build tents so that they could all stay there. Pretty silly but understandable! Why would you want to leave? A cloud overshadows them and they hear a voice telling them that Jesus is the Son and they should listen to him. It is God, the Father.

So much happens after that. Peter, John and James encounter Jesus and God the Father in their glory but they still don’t understand. They still make mistakes as they try to follow him and learn. Only John stays with Mary at the foot of the cross.

Thank God for his patience and forgiveness! Today, we try to stay close to God in prayer and thanksgiving. We have the gift of the Eucharist in the Mass and Adoration on Thursdays. Try to come and stay with him an extra time this week and bask in the glow!

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