All is Well

Give me a drink. 4 simple words that changed a woman’s life forever. The woman from Samaria, not a Jewish place, receives a gift from Jesus. Not only does he meet her at the well at midday, he speaks to her, reads her heart and gives her the prescription she needs for healing. Forgiveness and a new start. It’s not too late. She seems to have given up when Jesus meets her at the well and offers life-giving water. Not water just for today but forever.

Silhouette of woman praying over beautiful sunrise background

She recognizes that he is a prophet. Jesus explains that he is the Messiah that she has heard about. The encounter with Christ changes her life and she goes back to town and tells everyone. She even leaves her water jar! She brings others to Christ. We may have fallen short but Jesus continues to meet us right where we are. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We hope to say, just like the Samaritans, We no longer believe in him because of your word, we have heard for ourselves and we know this is truly the savior of the world. They have met him. Where will he meet you?

Readings for March 24 John 4:5-42

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