As a writer, program coordinator, Catechist, Youth Minister, Confirmation Teacher/Coordinator and now, blogger, I hope to share some of my insights along with bringing life, hope and peace!

I have been a Catechist for over 15 years, and currently the Director of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry.  I authored the religious education program manual, Embracing Your Family With Jesus, that was created by Deacon Jerry Ryndak.  For more information on EYFWJ or to purchase the manual or to schedule retreats or speaking engagements, email donnadym@gmail.com.

This led me to work on my next program for continuing religious education after Confirmation which includes high school teens and adults.  The Faith Institute classes began a few years ago.  I have been able to create classes from some of my favorite spiritual books and bible studies!  They have included how to Memorize Your Faith which teaches you ways to improve your memory and know your faith better through the Roman Room technique.  I got to create a PowerPoint and talk about the brain, memory and all they ways you can improve your memory even if you think you don’t have a good one!  The discussions have been great in these classes.  Broaden your horizons!  Find a class in your area and make new friends!  You will be happier and live longer, too!

Strive to make this a better day for someone.  Bring hope!  May you always feel the warmth of God’s loving embrace.  Pace e bene!  Donna Doherty

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