Is your faith dying?

Scripture focus for the February 7 Mass

Jesus Heals the Sick all over Galilee

Today’s Mass begins with Job crying out to the Lord in despair. Today, we might echo our own despair. Is this all there is? Why is life so hard? Why can’t I have an easy life like that guy over there? Can’t I just get a break? I can’t handle any more challenges in my life!

The Gospel Reading begins with Jesus, James & John arriving at St. Peter’s house. His mother-in-law is very sick. Jesus just takes her hand and helps her up. Her fever is gone. She feels so well she starts to serve them. The encounter with Jesus can heal us. He can just ’touch’ our hand and we are free.

Jesus goes on to heal the sick and drive out demons. He says, “For this purpose I have come.”

This is what Jesus came to do. This statement begs the question of us. Why am I here? What does God want me to do? He said he had a plan for me, for good and not for woe. Are we giving a hand to others in need and helping them up? Are we giving them hope? Are we forgiving and restoring or rebuilding our relationships? Are we on our way to the next town like Jesus looking for someone else to lift up? Are you looking around you? This week, some students in classes were asked if they could put ‘God’s Glasses’ on. We are called to help others. We are called not to look at ourselves and what we want first or ignore the needs of others around us. Could we love others a little better this week? Our students’ lessons in Faith Formation spoke of justice and peace. Is there a difference between what is just and what is fair? Catholic Social Teaching is a large part of our faith in action. We don’t want our faith to die! We want a living faith. What are you being called to do for others this week? Can you put on God’s glasses to see what God wants you to see? Be sure to take action! Don’t let your faith die!

On your mark, get set, let’s go!

Readings from USCCB

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