Are you an OBSTACLE for others?

Are you comparing? Are you for or against? Are you an obstacle for others?

In this Gospel, the disciple John questions Jesus about an unknown exorcist who was driving out demons in Jesus’ name. John’s question might have been motivated by jealousy. Previously in Mark’s Gospel, Jesus healed a boy whom the disciples had been unable to heal. John’s question is further evidence that the disciples have not yet grasped Jesus’ words to them. They continue to compare themselves to others who seem to have greater healing powers, and they do not want to share the power of Jesus’ name with others…The disciples observed that the unknown exorcist invoked Jesus’ name and was successful in his healing efforts. This unknown healer recognized the power of Jesus’ name, yet he was not a follower of Jesus. 

Later in this Gospel, Jesus teaches us not to create obstacles for those who are just beginning to have faith but to encourage even the smallest signs of faith. The Greek word used here for sin also connotes “stumbling” or “causing scandal.” In vivid terms Jesus teaches his disciples the consequences to those who would put obstacles before people who are on the road to faith.  – Excerpt from the Sunday Connection by Loyola Press. 

While the miracles that happen in these stories can be unbelievable, they are eyewitness accounts recorded for us in the Gospel. We learn that so much can happen in Jesus’ name. The disciples are worried because someone else is healing in Jesus’ name. He’s not part of their group. Jesus said that we shouldn’t be obstacles to people whose faith is just growing. We want to water their faith! How can we do that? We can introduce them to Jesus. We can talk about Him. We can tell stories about Jesus and show them how amazing the Son of God is. That is our mission! We are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. How can you help people stay on the road to Jesus and eternal life? How will YOU do that this week?

As catechists or teachers of our faith, we can be an obstacle, too. Our attitude or lack of preparation for class can hinder students knowledge and understanding. Praying to the Holy Spirit for the words to say and help in general before we teach can help us. Praying for our students every day will give us the mind of Christ. WE ARE ALL CATECHISTS or the only Bible a person may read!

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