To The Brim

From water to wine! The Wedding at Cana tells us a story of a miracle where Jesus transforms water into wine. These wedding celebrations lasted for days especially since travel could take so long. No cell phones or email for these relatives! Mary, Jesus’ mother, sees that they are running out of wine and tells Jesus to fix the problem. Moms seem to be aware of everyone’s needs and want to help. Jesus knew that if he helped this would make his mission known. People would know that he could perform a miracle. Things would change. He tells Mary that it’s not the right time. It’s not that he couldn’t or even didn’t want to. Scripture only says he thinks it’s not the right time! Mary just tells the waiters to do whatever Jesus tells them. It’s one of the reasons we know that we can go to Mary for help. She will take our concerns to Jesus. We just need to “Do whatever He tells you.” These stone jars could hold 20-30 gallons! “Fill the jars with water.”So they filled them to the brim. John 2:7 Notice that Jesus not only transforms water to wine, John tells us that the jars were filled to the brim! The waiters did exactly what Jesus said. The headwaiter knew that everyone served the best wine at the beginning of an event, before you were too tipsy to notice the difference! The headwaiter asks the bridegroom why he kept the best […]

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