If only you were here…

If only you were here, our brother would not have died!

Those words were from Martha to Jesus about her brother Lazarus. This story from the Book of John is quite famous. Martha and Mary are sisters with different ideas. When Jesus came to visit, Martha thought she was doing all the work to prepare and feed everyone. Mary was just sitting at Jesus feet! We may have a lot to do but we need to sit at the feet of Jesus, too. We continue the story today with Martha very upset about Larazus’ death. They had sent word to Jesus but he didn’t come! Jesus tells Martha that Lazarus will rise again. Martha is grieving her loss. She knows that he will rise again on the last day!

Jesus tells her that he is the Resurrection and the life. She knows that! It didn’t help her loss today. She knew he was the Messiah. That’s why they sent for him. He could have cured Lazarus!

Jesus saw Mary and others weeping. Jesus asks them to take him to the tomb and roll away the stone. They tell Jesus it will smell bad, as if he didn’t know! Jesus says, Did I not tell you that you would see the glory of God? Jesus prays asking the Father to help him show everyone so that they will believe. He tells Lazarus to come out of the tomb. And he did! And then they believed.

Lazarus come out!

Even Jesus wept at the loss of his friend, Lazarus. Jesus is telling them that he will rise. We may weep and grieve but we need to remember that Jesus weeps with us. Believe in the Resurrection and Eternal Life. We will be reunited with the ones we have lost on the last day. Remember that we continue to prepare during Lent for Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter. Keep trying to be transformed by your Lenten promises and devotions. And believe.

John 11:3-7, 17, 20-27, 33B-45 Sunday Readings for April 7 (Year A):

For kids: Be sure to talk about miracles and both the divinity and humanity of Jesus. Jesus loved, had a family and friends, suffered and even grieved. Find an interesting way to talk about heaven and all of God’s promises. Add details to your storytelling! Bring these Scripture stories to life!

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