Spring Forward – Reflect & Restore

Spring is a beginning

Fall we let go of things

Winter we hibernate and rejuvenate, seems cold and lonely

Spring we can bloom again

Easter is renewal and rebirth!

Spring, for me, is a time to clean house, remove clutter and just get moving. I had a winter to hibernate and rejuvenate. In January, I start waiting (very impatiently) for Spring. In the Midwest, we haven’t even hit the worst of Winter yet, and I’m done with cold and cloudy days. I get the “Winter Blues” times ten. I take extra Vitamin D to help with pain and mood! It helps, but I just NEED the sun. I feel trapped inside instead of cozy. I need to get out. But I don’t like the freezing temperatures, rain or snow. In Spring, I really do come ALIVE!

During each season, I reflect. I make plans or goals. What can I do? As a Catholic Christian, I get prepared for Spring with Lent. It’s a reflective time where we practice self-control and making good habits. It’s prayerful. It’s penitential. So I double down with preparing or making plans for my NEW life. Everything deciduous (loses it’s leaves and ‘dies’ in the winter like bulbs and perennials), then finds it’s way up and out of the ground in Spring. Love it! The Scripture story of Lazarus is a good example of rebirth and restoration. Jesus tells him to “come out!” of the tomb. What tomb am I stuck in? Stinking thinking? Bad habits? Hmmmm……….

So let’s get moving! Do some spiritual Spring cleaning. Plant something new. Get in the sun and soak up the rays! Walk barefoot in the grass or go to the beach. Get in the SON and soak up the rays! Jesus wants you to keep in touch!

Then the Lord will guide you always and satisfy your thirst in
parched places, will give strength to your bones
And you shall be like a watered garden, like a flowing spring whose
waters never fail. Isaiah 58:11

Peace y’all

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