Are you thirsty?

R. If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

Psalm 95:8

The Woman At The Well

        Pope Benedict XVI wrote that “she thirsts for life itself and that all the assuaging that she seeks and finds cannot slake this living, elemental thirst….  There comes to light the real dilemma, the deep-seated waywardness, of their existence: she is brought face to face with herself.” What brings this about is an encounter with Jesus. From our own deep thirst for love, for salvation, for meaning, we give ourselves to the One who in his thirst asks us for a drink, just as he will thirst—thirst for our souls—from the cross. We are certain that at last we will “have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Our “hope does not disappoint.” We will not die in our thirst. The Lord is in our midst. Finally satisfaction can happen; this is the Love we have been waiting for.—March 12 Magnificat Magazine

A biblical scene – of Jesus Christ drinking water with his hands

        In Exodus 17, we hear people angry with Moses because he saved them from slavery in Egypt. They are thirsty and complaining. So the Lord answers Moses plight with a task to do. Strike the rock and water will flow from it for everyone to drink. The Lord provided water, manna and quail, taking care of his people every day. In contrast, the Samaritan woman questions Jesus and realizes that he can give her Living Water. She recognizes Jesus, drops her jars and runs to tell everyone who she met at the well and what happened. They want to meet Jesus, too. Which would you choose to be? Are you grumbling or grateful?

Every day, I ask myself what I’m looking for. Where am I going? Who am I? I would like to flourish. In Christ, I can have an abundant life. I will keep trying to figure it out. I won’t give up! Me and Jesus – we got this! All things are possible with God! I’m glad I’m thirsty!

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