Transformation – Part 3

TRANSFORMATION Part 3 – You, only better!

…Although in Holy Communion we are at once united with Christ, his power within us develops gradually.

…Nor will the eucharistic God alone transform us. He requires our free, generous cooperation. Only by stimulating our higher faculties can we imitate Christ’s life.

…Although Christ dwells in us with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in order that his life may develop, may permeate our souls, and may direct our thoughts, words, and actions, the sacramental life must have circumstances favorable to development, just as the plant needs the sun and rain to grow to maturity. Without such circumstances and conditions suited for its growth, that life will never enrich us with its heavenly store; it will abide in us with the mere possibility of its infinite power, and we will be unconscious, not only of its greatness, but of its very existence.

Excerpts from Transforming Your Life through the Eucharist by John A. Kane, Pages 70-71

How can we focus on the indwelling Christ and let his light and word transform us?

 “Say the Word and My Soul Shall be Healed.” Catechetical Theme 2021-2022

Words said by the congregation during Mass as we prepare to receive Jesus in the Eucharist come from Matthew 8! We have faith that Jesus will do it!

The centurion said in reply, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof; only say the word and my servant will be healed. Matthew 8:8 And Jesus says that there is no one with greater faith. And Jesus said to the centurion, “You may go; as you have believed, let it be done for you.” And at that very hour [his] servant was healed. Matthew 8:13 Read the whole story here: THE HEALING OF THE CENTURION’S SERVANT

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