Are you listening?

Sunday’s Scriptures asked, “Are you listening?” Have you heard? Paul and Barnabas run into opposition as they tell the Jews about the Good News of Jesus Christ and Eternal Life.

Time to move on? Let go? Let the Holy Spirit take care of it?

So they’re not interested? Shake the dust off your feet and move on. That may even happen to you today if you talk about Jesus or God. We can try and then let it go if hearing about God is not welcome. But the Gentiles are so glad to hear the word! In the Book of Revelation, we hear about heaven. For those who persevere and make it to the throne of God, you will hunger and thirst no more! The Lamb of God will wipe away your tears. Peace.


In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that the sheep know my voice and they follow me. Our reward is eternal life. We just need to stick close to Jesus so we know his voice. And follow him.

What kind of sheep are you? Do you feel lost? Where are you going?

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who will take care of us. Wondering what a Good Shepherd looks like? Read Psalm 23 again. What helps you stay close to Jesus? Do you recognize his voice? “Do you love me?

From the Sunday Readings for May 12 – John 14:23-29

Kids love to play follow the leader. Give it a try! Then talk about how you can lead others to Jesus or lead them astray. Which is better for you or your friends?

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