The Rolling Stone

In today’s story from the Book of John, Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb of Jesus early in the morning. In the dark, she sees that the stone has been moved away from the tomb. It’s open! She runs to get Peter and the beloved disciple (John) and tell them about what she has found. 

John runs faster than Peter so he gets their first. He looks in and can see the burial cloths! Peter goes in first to see that the cloths that Jesus was wrapped in for burial are there but the tomb is empty! Then John went in, saw and believed. Somehow, even after all the things that Jesus said, they didn’t understand that Jesus had risen from the dead. On Easter, we celebrate Jesus victory over death.

We get to sing the Gloria and Alleluia again! We thank God for the gift he gives us. He has born our sins and purchased for us Eternal Life. We enter the season of Easter. Over the next weeks of Easter Season, we learn about the times that Jesus appeared to the disciples. He really rose from the dead! We hear about the signs and wonders of the Apostles in the Acts of the Apostles.

Easter Sunday Readings for April 21, 2019 – John 20:1-9

Next week, we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy. See the bulletin for more details!

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