The Call for Revolution

How is your year going? Did you make a new year’s resolution? Now we are in Lent and trying to keep that resolution!

Well, it’s not a political action…it’s more than that.

Fr. Kubicki – Aspostleship for Prayer changed the monthly intentions to Evangelization (used to be Mission) because our mission is everywhere, even our own neighborhoods.

Pope Francis says that division is a great problem in the world even among Catholics or Christians.  We need to stick together or we all fall.  This affects everything from our economy to the state of our healthcare and the undermining of families.

What does Christian Unity mean to you?  All I know is that it starts at home and with ME.  Even our household family gets bogged down with conflict and becomes divided.  We need to work together to create harmony.  Pope Francis talks about creating harmony even by not gossiping.  These putdowns create an atmosphere of tension.  I hope my house becomes a more supportive, loving and secure place to be.  It should be a refuge!  An oasis in the world!  Our churches and ministries should be the same thing!

Fr. Al Lauer wrote a reflection that said, “Don’t make new year’s resolutions, make new year’s revolutions.”

Fr. Kubicki said we should create a revolution of heart!  That is a great focus for the year.  Our heart leads us to serve and love.

If your Lenten resolution or sacrifice isn’t going well, maybe you need a revolution instead!

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