Beatitudes for Families

             This was such a great resource from Loyola Press that I had to share it with all of my families in Faith Formation and especially our Grade 7 Confirmation class! The Beatitudes are so difficult to explain and understand, even for me. How can we apply to our lives? Starting in March, we will be giving BEE-attitude awards out in classes.  The laminated page from Loyola Press has the Beatitudes from Jesus in Matthew 5:3-10 on one side and the Beatitudes for Families on the other. What a wonderful discussion for your family! One example:  Blessed are the families who strengthen one another, encourage compassion, and desire to do good despite life’s blows and setbacks, for they help bring about the Kingdom of God. (Beatitude for Families #8)   Praying for all families everywhere, Donna Doherty, Dir. of St. Gall Faith Formation Published in the St. Gall Bulletin for Sunday, 1/16/22

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