The first rose in my garden last year!

Are you struggling? Tired? In pain? Discouraged?

“I know from experience that God makes up for what is lacking with great generosity. He gives us inwardly what outward circumstances deny. With him and by him I must become more loving, strong, and peaceful, live the inner life more, and yet give myself generously to those I love and to all whom providence has put on my path…To speak little of my physical suffering and yet take care of myself adequately. To expect nothing from those whom I try to help, except, of course, those whom I know well. To accept silently the disappointments, the misunderstandings, and even the disdain that always come to those through whom others think they can attack God.

To live in the remembrance of grace, in prayer and action, in hope and attentiveness. To be completely reasonably, spiritually Christian. To pray, to act, to work, to love.”

Today’s inspiration was definitely the Holy Spirit! Ponder these things in your heart as Mary did.

One of my favorite ‘soon to be’ saints is Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur. I came across a meditation in my May 2022 Magnificat Magazine (May 24) that includes the daily Mass and prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours. It is a wonderful resource!

Book recommendation: The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur:
The Woman Whose Goodness Changed Her Husband From Atheist to Priest [after her death]

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