Are you wise? Faith Sense & Coloring Page!

What would you ask for? Creating our coloring page with tips and discussion!

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Solomon chooses wisdom over gold! David’s son, Solomon, agrees to serve the Lord. He wants the Lord to give him an understanding heart to judge wisely and be able to distinguish right from wrong.

If you could ask God for any gifts, what would you ask for?

Solomon was wise and rewarded. God would grant him a heart so wise and understanding that there would never be another like him! It’s interesting that Solomon doesn’t wish for knowledge to be all-knowing like God. He doesn’t wish for gold that is tangible but fleeting. He doesn’t wish for God to eliminate all his enemies (translate to problems or challenges) so his life would be easier. He doesn’t ask for immortality. Solomon believed that he needed a heart like God.

1Kgs 3

He was VERY wise.

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