Are you worthy? Walk this way.

The Readings and Gospel for Sunday July 29, 2018 can be found here: Readings for July 29, 2018

The letter to the Ephesians (Eph 4:1-6) can be translated a few ways. Words and their meaning do make a difference. Today’s 2nd Reading says that Paul urges us. It can also be translated ‘begs’. Imagine that this letter is written with a sense of urgency.

I beg you, to walk in a manner worthy of your call!

I imagine Paul talking to me and I have to question how my walk looks! Am I like Disney’s Peter Pan helping the Lost Boys?  Follow the Leader So many of us are lost or unsure. Where am I leading others? Am I showing them how to walk in the way of the Lord? Am I worthy of God’s call? If Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, what does that mean?

Paul is worried about these Gentiles who have received the message of Christ but may be faltering. Can’t we all just get along? We are reminded that we were called to live a certain way: with humility and patience. Forbearing one another in love… I bet the word, forbearing, is not one that you have heard lately. Forbearing means patience but it also means accommodating, understanding and indulgent. When I hear this phrase today, I think of carrying a burden. How do we become more understanding and patient of the person who drives us crazy? Or maybe they are in need of help, even just a listening heart, but I don’t have time. In love… Even if I don’t feel like it, I need to treat everyone with love and understanding. Now that’s a call to a higher standard!

We are called to forgive and try to get along with all those who are members in the Body of Christ. We are one group. Christ has given us the grace to make it happen (Eph 4:7). Paul’s analogy of how we are all parts of the body makes it clear that we need to work together. The Body of Christ isn’t going to go far if we can’t walk together in harmony and peace. Hard to see today harmony even in the best of parishes or communities. There is so much that we can do to make the lives of others a little brighter! Start somewhere. Smile. Say hello!

Paul also talks about how we need to put on the mind of Christ. In Romans 12:2, he says we need a renewal of our mind. What are we thinking? It all starts there. What are our attitudes? Being conscious of what we do and say seems so simple. Being conscious of what we think and testing our thoughts to see if Jesus would approve them is much harder. What would Jesus do? It’s a phrase on bracelets and signs. We should probably ask, “What would Jesus think?” Hard to imagine if we don’t read Scripture to find out and create a relationship with him.retro-phone-hello

The Gospel reading from the book of John (Jn 6:1-15) is a good example of what Jesus might be thinking is important. Jesus asks Philip where they will get enough bread for all of these people! Jesus thinks that Philip should think about the needs of all the people who have followed him. He asks Philip how he would solve this problem. I don’t think Philip feels up to the task! The people are looking for signs and miracles of healing. This story of miracles seems to depend on the one small gift of a boy and shows how Jesus can transform it. We have the food that others need today. Christ asks us the question today: Where can we get the food these people need? How will you answer Jesus? Jesus will tell us what to do. He will tell us what the need is for those around us. Are we listening? Will we live in a manner worthy of the call we received at our Baptism? If we offer what we have, it will be transformed and there will be so much left over! Just answer the call. You will receive the grace you need!

Challenge: Read Ephesians Chapter 4. Read John Chapter 6 to see how Jesus explains the connection between the manna, the bread of life and himself!

Extra credit: Read 1 Corinthians 2:14-16!

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