Changing your mind, Changing your life

Changing your mind often gets a bad wrap in our modern world.  Changing your mind can mean you are flaky, indecisive or frustrating to deal with.  Jokes abound about how women are always changing their mind (especially when we can’t figure out what to wear! Lol).

Metanoia is usually translated as repent or turn around.  Today’s translation could be to change your mind.  I have heard numerous times that we really need to change the way we think about things.

Thoughts are the beginning of good or bad decisions. The way you think can be positive or negative. Mistakes happen but sins don’t just appear out of nowhere. We think about it, weigh the consequences and make a decision. Everyone makes mistakes. We’re human. We get distracted or we get bad information from bad sources. Our priorities get out of wack. How do we get back on track?


Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. A good attitude or positive thinking takes practice. Very few of us have that positive mental attitude by nature! Even if we did, life and challenging circumstances may have gotten in our way.

A really good way to get started is to read a simple Bible Scripture or listen to a song that is uplifting every morning! There are spiritual apps, YouTube song videos or other social media that will give you a hand. Post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and give someone else a boost.

Look for the good around you. It could be a person, a beautiful sky or a kind word from someone in the grocery store. Surround yourself with beauty and goodness. You will see God there. See my post about smiling!

Tough times or situations? Try to be a positive influence. That means setting aside your needs or feelings. We might react badly to the negativity around us. Sometimes, we just need to take a break, walk away and have our temper tantrum, in order to come back with a change of mind. It takes practice! Don’t get discouraged!

Forgiveness may begin with you. You may need to reflect on your behavior to see what you could have done better. Then forgive yourself. We aren’t perfect. We need help. Ask God to give you a hand next time. Say you’re sorry when you need to. Be sincere and accept the other person’s response even if you don’t like it. Then, shake the dust off your feet and move on. Matthew 10:14

St. Paul said we should put on the mind of Christ. Check out Fr. Broom’s post about it!

Just take it one day at a time. And do more good than harm. Make a change!

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