Rest, let it go and be open to God’s will!

20140621_170511-1Here is a letter I sent to a friend you might find helpful!

Dear Friend,

You spoke about how rest had been something that kept coming back to you in prayer.

The message that I keep getting is to let it go. Over and over, even with people who will talk to me expressing their worries, my message to them ends up being – let it go.

So I have had with me a twofold message (which has grown to three – always a good number!) to rest and let it go. I ran across a prayer that Sister Teresita from the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth gave me at the national Here I am Lord Vocations Conference. Yes I know that it is really geared towards vocations because she is vocation director, but it speaks to all of us at many times of our lives as we try to make sense of what we’re doing.

After I hung up with you, I sat on my deck with my coffee a contemplative place for me and asked the Lord to speak to me. What I realized was the prayer that came to mind, with the request that I guess is in my heart, was Sister Teresita’s.

Dear Lord,

I come to you today to ask you to show me what path in life I am to take.  I know the plans you have for me are for the good and so I desire to follow your will.  Help me to say yes like Mary so that I can bring the good news of Jesus to all I meet.

Whatever path I should take, I pray that I can live in joy fully knowing I am doing your will.  Please place me in the midst of people who will encourage me to live life to the fullest, no matter what path I take, for a person filled with God’s love is FULLY ALIVE!


I gave it to my husband the other day and told him that I would be saying this prayer every day. The goal was to say the prayer and put it (everything) in God’s hands and let it go. Then I do whatever God wants me to do for today. If there is something that he wants me to change or see, I know that it will happen. I just have to be open to see it. In my prayer the other day and with spiritual readings or podcasts I listen to, the other thing that came to me is to be open. That’s number 3. When I have known God to be close and working the most in my life is when my arms are open to receive whatever he wants to give me. I also saw that I need to have an open heart. I have always tried to walk by faith and I think that God is asking me to do that even more now and let him have control. So my goal is to be open, let it go and surrender to God’s will even more every day.

I pray that God sends me those who are joyful/hopeful to walk this journey with me. I also pray for that joy that only God can give that makes me fully alive!

Peace and all good on your journey! Donna

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