Are you a mustard seed?


It’s not just for the birds!

Who likes change?

We humans often look for comfort. We like to complete things and then rest in our Adirondack chair and survey the land – all we have accomplished.  Ezekiel tells us God’s message in this Sunday’s Readings for June 14.  God says he will tear off a shoot and plant it on a lofty mountain.  It will bear fruit and birds will find shade beneath its arms.  Has God wanted to plant you in a new place?  Does He want you to grow and flourish?  Where can you provide shade, safety and comfort?  He is just waiting to help you bloom.  Just ask Him.

The 2nd Reading has great advice from St. Paul:  Walk by faith (that means trust) and be courageous.  Then in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus tells the parable of the kingdom of God.  God is scattering us because He knows where we are needed.  We are the mustard seed.  God can take the smallest of seeds and turn them into the best plant to bring shade to the birds.

spring bird

Are you blooming where you are planted?

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