Family Day?

On the Feast of the Holy Family, I pondered not only the Holy Family and their struggles and challenges, but my own.  Are our expectations too high?  I hoped to have the perfect Christmas celebrations that would inspire Hallmark cards.  For some reason, my family doesn’t always seem like the happy family you might expect.  We didn’t sing Christmas carols around the piano, tell each other how much we loved each other or play a wholesome family game.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, lively conversation and the company of those whom we don’t always get to see, at least, all at once.  Nothing bad happened.  Of course, I imagine all the ways it could have been a better evening.  The older I get, the more I want everyone to know how much I love them – before it’s too late.  No, I am not ready to ‘kick the bucket,’ but I have had the experience of wondering what impression I would leave behind if I passed on to another world.

Why wait until tomorrow?  Why wait until the next holiday?  How can I keep the Christmas inner drive for love and peace in this world?  How can we manifest the revelation of Christmas every day from now on?

If I have any inspiration from a babe in a manger, I should live, actually being present in the moment.  If I worry about just the right (fill in the blank), I will miss out on the life-changing moments that are happening right now.  All I need to do is ‘show up’ and be ready for a miracle!

So, I proclaim the love I have for my family and friends!  May you enjoy peace and love from this day forward!  Peace and good will to all!

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