Praying with Children is easy!

Have you wondered how to pray with your children? Need a few tips? See Grace’s suggestions from the Apostleship of Prayer:

Grace has a great blog with stories, tips and videos!

I hope to help our kids to think about prayer differently. As we teach them prayers that will encourage them in their faith now but sustain them in their faith the rest of their life, consider a new approach to memorization. Everyone needs to learn the Act of Contrition in some form for Reconciliation. We are learning a number of new songs during Opening the Word (the Scripture from the coming week’s Mass reflection that I lead before classes) to help us ‘sing pray’. We are making connections to Mass and the message we receive from God each week as we sing pray!

Whether you are good at memorizing things or not, Grace suggests praying from the heart. This is a great way to teach and think about prayer. What are we saying and why? The why is the reason we remember some prayers in times of crisis or difficulty. So next time you struggle with learning a prayer, think about all of the benefits! Grace is the paramount benefit but peace is a great reward. Start small or big, whatever you like! Just give it a shot!

Peace out. Donna

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