Get up and eat!

The Scripture Readings for August 5 start with grumbling. Why are we so unsatisfied? The Lord provides the Israelites with the bread from heaven, manna. They get their fill and no more. Not starving, but not happy? Our 2nd Reading from Ephesians asks, “What are you thinking?” Are we thinking like Jesus? Put away your old self. You are made new in Christ! We need to start acting like it. How do I get ‘Donna 2.0’? Or maybe I’m at actually 127.0! What matters is to keep trying and making progress. Jesus reminds us in the Gospel from John that it was God who gave the manna. Moses couldn’t do it himself. Jesus promises to give us the bread of life. A bread that gives life to the world. We will always be unsatisfied with the bread we eat. We will be hungry again tomorrow! But Jesus said he was the Bread of Life. If we go to him, we will not be hungry or thirsty again. Are you satisfied? EX 16:2-4, 12-15 EPH 4:17, 20-24 August 5, 2018 Readings    

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