Not like the world

Does the Father live with you? If we love Jesus, we will do whatever he tells us (Mary gives such good advice at the wedding at Cana!). Jesus says that his words are the Father’s and we can live with him. At Mass, the Priest says, “Through him, with him and in him.” He sends us the best advocate, the Holy Spirit. Another meaning for Advocate is counselor defender or a legal advocate. Like a lawyer who will go to court to fight for you. If you used a sports analogy, maybe you could say that this is your defense and your offense helping you advance down the field. I don’t know about you but I am pretty stressed out! The Holy Spirit will teach us what we need to know and remind us what Jesus said. The end goal is life forever in heaven and peace. Jesus wants to give us HIS peace! Today we CAN have peace in the midst of the troubles of the world. This is a peace that is knowing that we are trying to live like him and with him. We try to turn away from mistakes and not to choose sin. We ask Jesus to walk with us. So we shouldn’t worry too much or be afraid. We have the Holy Spirit to help us. Just ask! He is just waiting to help! You are NOT alone. Peace be with you! Does the […]

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